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Wang Hong understood and said with a wry smile, “Maybe there’s no need to lie at all. Sima yuanxian is on a warship. The chance of seeing him is very small. And now Jiankang is under martial law. Without military orders, it would be difficult to move an inch.” “I think Brother Wang has agreed,” Tu Feng-san said cheerfully. Wang Hong frowned and said, “I dare to ask Brother Tu, is it true that no matter what the situation is, Brother Tu will not convey Brother Liu’s warning to yuan Xian?” Tu Feng-san’s eyes were full of splendor, and he said calmly, “How can a woman’s benevolence be tolerated when she has accomplished great things?”? This is my consistent style of Tu Fengsan. Sima yuanxian may be my friend, but he is also the son of Sima Daozi, the representative of Sima Dynasty. If he destroys Huan Xuan, one day he will deal with us. Political struggles have always been like this. Wang Hong nodded and said, I see! I will lie for Brother Tu on this matter. Tu Fengsan thanked him with pleasure. “Now I’m even more convinced that Sima yuanxian has no chance of reversing the situation,” said Wang Hong. “Grandfather Chen is a man trusted by his father and son, and it’s hard to estimate what role he can play. The last news I received this evening was that Huan Xuan’s army had reached Xinting and could attack Jiankang in one day. Tu Feng-san said, “Just now you said that there was a secret contact in Jiankang to meet Huan Xuan. Who are you referring to?” “The person in charge is Wang Xu, the elder brother of Wang Guobao,” said Wang Hong. Because Sima Daozi killed Wang Guobao and suppressed the Wang family, Zhu Xu held a grudge. So Wang Hsu has been secretly communicating with Huan Hsuan,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, plotting to overthrow the imperial court. Tu Feng-san asked, “What is the relationship between Wang Hsu and Li Shu-chuang?” “Why does Brother Tu have such a question?” Wang Hong asked in astonishment. “Is there something wrong with our talkative women?”? Wang Hsu really had a close relationship with Li Shu-chuang, and was Li Shu-chuang’s guest on the stage. “That makes sense,” said Tu Feng-san. “It was Li Shu-chuang, not Wang Hsu, who was really in charge. To put it simply, Li Shuzhuang,glass cream jars, Qiao Zong, and Chen Gonggong are all birds of a feather, belonging to the same secret faction as Li. This time they helped Huan Xuan seize the world of the Sima family. They are also anxious and well-intentioned. One day they will replace Huan Xuan. Wang Hong turned pale and said, “Is there such a thing?” “How are you doing now?” Asked Tu Feng-san. “You” refers to Wang Hong and his like-minded friends Mao Xiuzhi, Xi Sengshi, Tan Daoji, and Zhu Lingshi, who met Liu Yu at the Huaiyue Tower and decided to support him. Wang Hong said dejectedly, “Now they all lay down their flags and drums and try to keep a low profile, because they are afraid of getting themselves killed, personal life and death, and other busywork. They are most afraid of implicating the family.”. I just received word this morning that Mao Xiuzhi had left Chienkang last night and was nowhere to be found. Qiao Zong is the sworn enemy of Mao Xiuzhi, if Huan Xuan into the capital, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Qiao Zong will certainly uproot, clean up Mao Xiuzhi, so Mao Xiu only to avoid disaster. Thus it can be seen that no one in the city of Jiankang was really optimistic about Sima Daozi and his son, and Huan Xuan lost his courage in silence, fearing that Huan Xuan would settle accounts with them in the future. Without the support of the aristocratic families, Sima Daozi and his son no longer had the power to fight against Huan Xuan. Who would have thought it would come to this. Thinking of this, Tu Fengsan admired Liu Yu even more in his heart. If he hadn’t decided to return to the north, they would have been doomed to defeat in the hands of Huan Xuan. Now there is still a chance to save the day. “What else can we do now?” Asked Wang Hong. “You don’t have to do anything,” said Tu Feng-san. “When Huan Xuan went to the capital, he kept a low profile. The most important thing was to save his life.” Wang Hong snorted coldly, “As long as Huan Xuan is not on the throne of God, he will not dare to touch us.” “That’s the way it should be,” said Tu Feng-san. “It’s time for me to leave,” said Su Rong! We will not contact you again until Liu Shuai takes control of the Beifu Army. Huan Xuan then let him show off his power and prestige. As you said, when he couldn’t help showing his fox tail and made the world angry and resentful, the day came when we counterattacked Jiankang. Hum! I know Huan Xuan’s character better than anyone else. He can’t help showing his bad looks, and his good times will never last long. Wang Hong nodded and said, “I see.” Tu Feng-san held out his hand and said, “Take care, Brother Wang.”. I will remember you when you helped me. “It’s just a simple task,” said Wang Hong! Although it was a bit wrong to conceal Brother Liu, I was relieved to think that Brother Tu was thinking about Brother Liu everywhere.
」 Tu Fengsan loosened his grip on Wang Hong’s hand and left through the window into the most worrying dark night of Jiankang City, where people were in a state of panic and the wind and rain were coming. www、xiaoshuotxt.com [Volume 39] Chapter 12 The Alliance of Immortals Txt + ~ Xiao Tang Yan Fei gives birth to the feeling of perfect freedom and everything is enough, and this time, more than ever before, it can give him the deepest feeling. An Yuqing led him ahead, across the roofs of one house after another, and the starry night became a magnificent background for her. She swam in the night with her clothes fluttering, like a fairy of divine divination moving her heart to play in the world. Finally, An Yuqing landed on the tiled ridge of the main hall of a magnificent temple. She turned around and looked at him with a smile. Her beautiful eyes were shining like a pair of precious stones twinkling in the dark. Yan Fei landed beside her, and a charming breath from her immediately filled her nose. “Yan Fei!” An Yu-ching exulted! Yan Fei! Even a fool knows that the beauty in front of him reveals her feelings to himself, not to mention the sharp Yan Fei, whose love fire surrounds him with a prairie fire, and is so beyond all carnal desires, pure and without a trace of impurities. “Yu Qing!” Yan Fei exulted! I didn’t expect that you would suddenly arrive, and I didn’t notice it beforehand. It shows that you have made great progress in your mind. An Yuqing, dressed in a strong night suit and a long cloak to keep out the cold, stood against the wind. Her posture was so graceful that there were no words to describe it. Her black clothes and white skin highlighted her ice muscles and jade bones. With the mysterious eyes that were not inferior to those of Ming Yao, which made him dream, Yan Fei gave birth to a very moving feeling. An Yu-ching said softly, “Shall we sit down and talk about it?” Yan Fei sat side by side with her on the back of the tile, and Guangling City, an important military town,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, extended in all directions as if they were the core. Especially tonight, it was likely to be a night that decided who would dominate the city and the fate of the south, which made Yan Fei feel more deeply. penghuangbottle.com

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