After half a stick of incense, the two colorful lights were broken directly under the bombardment of these strong people. And at that moment, the melee began. After the two colorful light pillars were broken, the two sacred objects contained in them were also separated. The two sacred objects are a pair of primitive battle armor and a blood-red bead, which are the treasures of defense and domain respectively, and are extremely precious. Among all the treasures, the domain treasures are ranked first, followed by the defensive treasures, and finally the offensive ones. In billions of eras, there are no more than ten chaotic treasures in the realm of reincarnation and no more than thirty defensive treasures, which shows the degree of their rarity. In this way, all the strong are showing fanatical eyes, all want to fight for the two sacred objects. Our side is the blood-red beads, nearly twenty immortals peak for the strong, several forces between the fight, the scene can be imagined how spectacular. The teacher and several of his friends broke out a terrible momentum, with all their strength, and the light appeared, tearing this side of the space, shaking the void. The teacher’s Star River Treasure burst out with powerful power, even if it is not as good as Chaos Treasure, it is enough to be comparable to half of Chaos Treasure. What’s more,fish measuring tape, the teacher’s practice method seems to be extremely compatible with the Star River Treasure, which probably enhances the teacher’s fighting capacity by three or four times, and is equal to that of the strong man who holds the Chaos Treasure. Those who hold the treasure of chaos do have a great advantage, but now this situation is a melee, and all the strong subconsciously will join hands against the strongest, so that those who hold the treasure of chaos appear to be besieged. Not to kill the strong, but to prevent them from taking these two sacred objects. Once they get these two relics, it will be absolutely more powerful,Walking measuring wheel, and it will be even more difficult to get them back from them. At this time, my strength seems a little insignificant. Of course, the main reason is that I did not go all out, just accompanied by the teacher’s side from time to time to harass the opponent. Everyone is fighting wholeheartedly, but I am distracted at this moment and staring at the lake below. I also know that distraction is a big taboo in combat, but my heart is very strong, and its source is the lake. I found one thing, one thing that made me feel more uneasy. Logically speaking, the presence of these immortals peak strong people fighting, its collapse out of the power, enough to sweep the entire holy magic secret. Even if the Holy Devil’s Secret Land is extremely strong, it will have to be destroyed in many places. However, when the melee broke out, the forces that erupted did not spread out at all, or did not rush out of the area. All these forces are absorbed by the lake below! Such a situation is very strange, cattle weight tape ,Horse weight lbs, even a fool knows that there is a problem. Now that I have been aware of it, the presence of these immortals peak strong must also be aware of it, but they did not pay attention to this situation, still frantically fighting. In their eyes, capturing the treasure of chaos is what they are most concerned about at this time. At this time, I also noticed another strange thing. The state of these two relics is a little abnormal! Before the eruption of those treasures, those comparable to half of the treasure of chaos, are struggling for a long time before being subdued, the outbreak of resistance is very strong. It is reasonable to say that the resistance of these two relics will be stronger. But the strange thing is that after the birth of these two sacred objects, there is basically no movement, just floating there quietly, there is no intention of struggling to escape, it feels like accepting fate, or. They are sitting on the mountain to watch the tigers fight! Deliberately watching those immortals at the peak of the strong kill each other, with their own bait? After thinking about the strange situation of the lake below, my heart beat faster, and the sense of crisis in my heart became stronger. And at this time, perhaps forced to be anxious, those holding the treasure of chaos of the strong, has been unable to hold their breath. The old man on the other side of Lianfeng Star Field, the soul refining immortal, took out a black flag directly and threw it out directly. In a flash, the dark wind was strong, and the black wind and fog filled the air, enveloping this area. The flag grows in the wind and turns into a huge black flag.
In the midst of the black flag, a dark awn jumped out of the black flag, and each dark awn, with a fierce and fierce spirit, ferociously roared at the strong men who besieged him and prevented him from approaching the two sacred objects. Those Youmang are like the soul of some kind of strong man, whose strength is no weaker than that of the immortal king. Accompanied by the soul refining old man to display the power of the treasure of chaos, several other old monsters have also taken out their own treasure of chaos, to display. Chapter 628 the appearance of the beast ancestor. The soul-refining old man displayed the treasure of chaos, as if he had opened the curtain. After refining the soul of the old man, another old man appeared in the hands of a simple vicissitudes of the bronze mirror, bronze mirror blooming on the enchanting red awn. Red awn impact shrouded place, directly some immortal peak strong force back, causing some immortal peak strong protective treasure burst one after another, and even instantly let several strong suffered some trauma. There are also strong people who take out the treasure of chaos is defensive, the whole body forms a powerful defensive ban, let several strong people join hands to bombard him. Among these people, the most conspicuous one is an old man who has the treasure of chaos in the field. The old man’s name is Red Fire, and his hair and beard are all fiery red. He is a lone ranger. For many years, he has been alone and has made his way through countless eras in the secret land of reincarnation. Originally, his strength was not too conspicuous in the peak of Xianjun, but since he got the treasure of chaos in the field, the whole person’s fighting power soared several times, even the teacher’s body did not want to provoke him easily. Now in the field, the strongest is the red fire. His domain of chaos treasure, is a crown-like thing,Diameter tape measure, in addition to being able to resist the attack of several immortals, it can also rebound most of the attack power, which is much stronger than my Tianyun beads. tapemeasure.net

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