“Good.” He exclaimed with a sigh. Not good Lord Cedros spread out the two pieces of paper, saw what was on them, and his face changed. ww w.xIaoshuotxt.。 com Chapter 19 Xiaoyi T, xt, small, said the day, Tang Xiaoyi lay in bed tossing and turning to sleep. The beds in the hotel are roughly made of wood, forming a large shelf, with a few boards and some hay. There was a layer of linen on the bed, a piece of cotton cloth to make a quilt, and a pillow made of hay, which was the most high-end facility in the hotel. Of course, the feeling of sleeping on it is far from that of lying on a bed covered with goose down fine cotton in the Duke’s mansion, but Xiaoyi doesn’t care about it. She has been to the cold and damp hole in the deep mountains to the flying dragon desert where eggs can be baked. No matter what kind of place, it is much better than the Duke’s house, which has to wear gorgeous and cumbersome clothes to deal with etiquette and social intercourse. The Duke of Mrak is not a hereditary title. The Duke was born of a local gentry family,x60 line pipe, who had been knighted because of his outstanding military service in the war between the Empire and the southern countries twenty years ago, and then climbed to his present position step by step by virtue of his outstanding ability and means. Xiaoyi did not grow up immersed in splendor and wealth like the children of other rich and powerful families, and her father’s hard-working experience and the way of education in the early years fostered her independent character. She did not have the ambition of her father at all, and her mature personality made her particularly tired of the empty and decadent life of the aristocrats in the upper class. She preferred to use her spirit in some concrete and practical places. In order to get rid of the status of the bored princess, he simply went to work in the pharmacy under the Academy of Magic. She often went around to explore and adventure, and the satisfaction of discovering new things that had never been discovered before made her feel very full. She was very unhappy when her father arranged the marriage for her. Under the strict guidance of her father,uns s32750 sheet, she seldom thought about love, let alone marriage, and the rules of the Ernie family were very strict. She also hated the fiance who only had the word “power” in his eyes, but she did not resist. She knew very well that this was only a common political marriage between aristocratic families, and that the marriage was very important to her father. And she has always been a very sensible daughter, and she loves her father very much. So before the wedding day, she set out to travel and adventure around the mainland on the pretext of collecting herbs for the pharmacy to study their medicinal properties. She wants to live a truly and completely free life in her last time, so she even plans to travel to the most dangerous areas of the mainland. ‘Just Die, ‘she sometimes thought, a little self-deprecating. And she almost died in the lizard swamp. When she knew that her injuries were so serious that she could only lie in bed waiting for death, she did not feel sad when she looked at her father, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316ti stainless steel, who was somewhat confused, and her fiance, who was still indifferent. But when she saw the man firmly saying that she must find a way to save her again, she suddenly became completely weak and felt that even if she died like this, it was worth it. Later, when she woke up from a long, dying sleep, she found herself miraculously and completely recovered, and learned from her father that the man had really found a miracle drug for her. She knew that the wedding day was not far away, and that her father would not allow her to go out alone again, but she wanted to see him very much. This is just a very simple and strong desire. She slipped out again, found him at last in Bracada, and went with him, as it were, to this strange city. She is very happy these days, and she has never been so happy. Everything here is so new, there are endless strange scenes every day, and everything seems to be vigorous and orderly, as if we had come to a new world of freedom. It’s more important to have him by my side. He could tell from the traces on the ground what wild animals had passed here half a day ago, and from the smell of the wind and the clouds in the sky what kind of weather it would have at any time.
He also knows how to make red tobacco bark, which is a good condiment, and how to make it, which can make people diarrhea. He knows what kind of earth mushroom can make people laugh to death. He knows how to cook the buttocks of dogs. He knows that one-eyed lizards actually have a good taste that is not commensurate with their appearance. These novel topics will never make people tired. He is a very simple man. As ignorant as if he had suddenly jumped into the world from an isolated forest. He did not know literature, nor did he know poetry, nor did he believe in gods. He did not understand many common sense questions at all. Sometimes he showed childlike simplicity and naivety, but he could show the most sophisticated agility and calm depth at any time when he needed it. Both of them, as if they had a tacit understanding, never mentioned that he had saved her before. A day or two later, there was no estrangement between them. They spoke and behaved as naturally as they had been together for many years. Even the old thief felt that they were really’lovers’. Although it is natural to get along with each other, as time goes on, we can still feel that the feeling of intimacy between each other is increasing. It wasn’t until they snuggled together yesterday that she was sure that she liked him and he liked her. A sensation that was more intoxicating than all the wine in the world and sweeter than all the honey immediately surrounded her. She was completely absorbed in it. But today she knows that tomorrow she will leave here and go back to the Empire. The father, the marriage, the fiance, the life of the royal capital, and the responsibility, which had been almost completely forgotten, all of these things seemed to have been discussed and ambushed together,uns s32760 plate, and they all came over to make a mess of her position. Before starting this journey, she was ready to go back, but then the new environment and the new mood made her forget these things quickly. But forgetting does not mean that these things do not exist. The feeling of falling down when you suddenly find something in these corners in the cloud of happiness is even more unexpected. lksteelpipe.com

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