I am not a very broad-minded person, if someone makes me unhappy, I can not make everyone happy, the best means is that I do not write, so as not to be thankless. Because it is my right, not my duty, to write or not to write, I have no reason to make myself unhappy and please everyone. Those who do not write their own, but point fingers at others to see I feel sick, really can not think of what face he has in the end out, do he feel much higher than others? Even if other people’s writing is not good, at least he has the courage of a man to write his own book, regardless of whether it is good or bad, the spirit is worthy of praise, those who do not write still have serious comments here is not good, there is too bad, I really feel ashamed of him, I will vomit when I say it. Rubbish is very smelly, and harmful to the body. If you think what I write is rubbish, please do not click for your health. If you really want to increase the 0 of the book review. 1 points, please use Japanese, Latin and other languages to scold, anyway,Ceramic Band Heater, I do not understand as a compliment to me, you scold also scold, I am happy also happy, everyone is happy. If anyone thinks that this article can be written next with more characteristics, I can give up without any opinion, anyway, I can write more, do not care about this one, and I also hope to see a better article with more characteristics,ceramic bobbin element, why not? The last wordy sentence, I write is not a factual article, do not associate with the real society, if there is unreasonable place, please think of ways to make it more reasonable, really can not think of reasonable, as a negative example of the failure of Chinese language teaching! Thanks again to the brothers who support me and the people who dislike me and don’t post book reviews. That’s the real good man. Those who know how to respect others will be respected by others! On the color bandits. Please don’t delete this paragraph. Chapter 36 a false alarm. Chapter 36 a False Alarm I sent a bag of toy koalas safely to the dormitory of Snow. Of course, Snow was happy from ear to ear, but I wondered if girls liked these things. They were almost twenty years old and still looked like children who could not grow up. Moreover, there were already puppies and bears I gave her on the bed. They were not satisfied. When I took out the koalas with different expressions, I heard a neat cheer again, and I didn’t have to start. Everyone came up and picked up a left kiss and right touch. Even I couldn’t help being jealous when I saw it. Remembering that the happy Chu Jun had given me a birthday gift and an amulet alone, I took another koala and walked up to her and said, “Anyway, there are more. It’s better to give you another pair.” Chu Jun fluttered her big eyes with long eyelashes, and a blush appeared on her face. She took the koala I gave her and held it tightly in her arms. She said softly, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, “Thank you, extraordinary.” “You’re welcome,” I replied with a smile. Qi Yanyan seemed to be very angry and said, “Hey, why are you partial?”? Give Jun two and give us one. I spread out my hands and said, “Who told you not to give me a birthday present?” The eye still took a glance at Chu Jun, meaning to say: “Look, she also sent.” Qi Yanyan looked at Chu Jun with a bad smile on her face and said, “You have a hand behind your back.” It turned out that she was hiding it from everyone. Chu Jun’s face was covered with red, and even his ears were red. He only answered in a dull way: “In fact, I bought it when Xue was preparing an extraordinary birthday gift. Friends, it doesn’t matter to give gifts. I thought you bought it, but when I saw you empty-handed, I was embarrassed to take it out to make you lose face.” Said as if with confidence, voice is also high, hands also crossed the waist, “who said I did not give gifts, you eat birthday cake or I carried, at least it is also a contribution.” Qi Yanyan tried to argue, but did not find Chu Jun a little breath. I took out a koala bear and stuffed it in Qi Yanyan’s arms and said, “I’ll give you another one, then the chicken woman will be careful not to get married.” Qi Yanyan turned up her mouth and said, “If I can’t get married, I will depend on you.” Later, I found that my words were too ambiguous, and I looked at the expression of the snow, and saw that the snow just looked at everyone with an interesting face before spitting out her little tongue.
I asked Xue, “Why do you need so many toys?” Snow looked at the walls around and said, “Of course, make the dormitory more beautiful.”. Try to get a best dormitory back. The best dormitory, and I must be insulated, our dormitory is not the worst dormitory, I am Amitabha, clouds and mists all day long, smelly socks and dirty shoes all over the floor. I turned to the snow and said, “I’ll just take the rest of the family together.” Finally, I left Xue’s dormitory amid Xue’s constant praise. Xue’s small mouth was so powerful that I was so dizzy that I even forgot to prepare for Dad to rectify the working attitude of the company’s staff. I am here to enjoy the praise of the super beauty, that Miao Xiuxiu heart can not be solid, offended people do not say, or the son of the top management, if I casually say a few words, this well-paid job will say goodbye to her, now how fierce the competition for work. Finding such an easy and well-paid job is no less difficult than shooting a pregnant female mosquito with an anti-aircraft gun. Miao Xiuxiu felt uneasy after a day’s work. She was so frightened that she couldn’t work at ease. When she got home, she calmed down a little. After sleeping, she had a nightmare of being fired. Sweat soaked her pajamas. She sat up suddenly. Recalling the scene just now, she was really scared. She took out the cold milk from the refrigerator and poured it into her stomach before she felt better. She rushed into the bathroom and let the hot water wash her body. When the water droplets slipped across her body, she really calmed down. She gently stroked her skin, which was slightly pink because of the hot water soaking, so that she felt the return of her soul. She wrapped her plump body in a wide towel and walked out of the bathroom, but she could no longer fall asleep. She sat quietly on the bed waiting for the dawn, saying, “Brother Prince.” Remembering that this month’s apartment rent is still owed,ceramic igniter electrodes, but the overdrawn credit card debt, the heart can not help but be a panic, Miao Xiuxiu stared out of the window and said: “I absolutely can not lose this job.” 。

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