Here we go again! Grandpa’s opportunity education is coming again! It seems that the old man is trying to persuade her to accept outsiders and work hard together. Ai Rulan looked at him and asked, “Grandpa, I respect your merger with the enterprise group, but what if the other side doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to merge with us?” “It is your duty to try your best to make him see the prospect of our company’s development.” “Is this enterprise group really so powerful that Grandpa can fight for it so actively?” Now Ai Rulan is curious. Many business groups want to learn from the success of H & S, so you must seize this opportunity. “I’ll do my best.” Although Grandpa’s assessment is feasible, Ai Rulan has not yet fully accepted it. If you have any problems in operation, you can consult Zhanqi. He has a lot of experience and should be able to give you some advice. The Ding family followed Ai Zhongling for many years? Ding Zhanqi is Ai Zhongling’s most trusted subordinate. I see! Why hasn’t the Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket come yet? Ai Rulan grunted. Ai Zhongling grinned. Before the Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket came, he asked again, “Then tell Grandpa that the man who chased you recently has disappeared again.” Over the years, as time goes by, Rulan has become more and more attractive. There are as many men prostrating themselves under her skirt as there are crucian carp crossing the river. However, there are countless men who have been blown away by her fiery temper. Who’s chasing me? If Lan eyes in addition to work, or work, love and her insulation, men chasing her, close to her, she did not feel at all, to her and men spark,touch screen digital signage, I am afraid the probability is lower than being struck by lightning. Thinking of this, Ai Zhongling was quite worried. Last time, the second Shaodong of the Zhong family didn’t want to invite you to dinner. Grandpa, are you confused at home? Those men asked me to dinner because they wanted to talk business. The child is really slow. The man wants to ask her to go out after dinner, of course, he wants to pursue her! If there is a good man, can tolerate her hot temper,digital whiteboard price, appreciate her characteristics, let her notice the arrival of love, even if he wants to give him all the property under the name of Ai Zhongling, he will not hesitate. 〓♀♂〓 〓♀♂〓 In the International Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition Hall, there is an endless stream of people. The exhibitors, in addition to domestic well-known building materials, home decoration, fine kitchen and bath companies, world-renowned large factories, also actively joined the exhibition. All the hundreds of exhibitors hope to highlight the characteristics of their products and increase sales. Ai Rulan also went all out to prepare and plan for the exhibition two months ago. Now, as she monitors and directs the exhibition, she does not dare to take it lightly. She is looking down at the memos and counting them one by one. Are the samples of all kinds of doors and windows complete? Is the paint color sample OK? Has the wet and dry separation equipment been installed in the bathroom? “It’s all right, General Manager.” The staff answered with trepidation. In the eyes of the public, outdoor digital signage displays ,touch screen kiosk, Ai Rulan is a great beauty. However, the subordinates who get along with her day and night all know that she is tough and capable, hot-tempered, realistic, and her ambition to start a career is absolutely not inferior to men. What about the catalogue? How many copies have you prepared? “Five hundred copies have been prepared for the report to the general manager.” “Well, what about the quotation?” “Three hundred copies are ready.” “Very good. What about the order?” “Order..” Staff you look at me, I look at you, guilty of a cold sweat, but no one dares to jump out to answer. Ai Rulan frowned slightly, black and white eyes, in and out of the spark of blame. Why didn’t the salesperson bring such an important thing as an order to the exhibition? The business manager, who was caught by the tough female general manager and made a major mistake, immediately jumped out to make amends: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, general manager, I’ll ask someone to send it right away.” “Don’t say sorry to me, the exhibition has already started, you have ten minutes to deliver the order!” As soon as Ai Rulan opened her mouth, she was so angry that the business personnel were in disgrace. Yes The business manager left immediately. A Guo, when will the samples of floor tiles and wood arrive? Ai Rulan lowered her head and examined the next item in the memo.
“Uh..” Ai Rulan raised her beautiful eyes and questioned Ah Guo with bright eyes: “What’s wrong?” “Report to the general manager that the wood part is ready, but the floor tile part, because the last warehouse was damaged, can not find a complete Italian mosaic, if completed, the sample will be delivered before noon.” “Inform them that it will be delivered half an hour ago at the latest, otherwise they are ready to go home and eat themselves!” Ai Rulan said without false words, scaring the staff at the scene, cold sweat, afraid that one can not do well, at any time have to pack up and go home. Yes “Yisi, call them right away.” “Yes.” You Yisi immediately dialed the phone and sent an urgent notice. The staff at the scene, after Ai Rulan gave the order, immediately became busy, afraid of being Fire! 〓♀♂〓 〓♀♂〓 She was a beautiful young woman, but she was as strong as a lioness when she gave orders. As far as Tan Hao-hsi is concerned, he was surprised to witness this scene at the exhibition venue in Taiwan. Having been a businessman in Europe for many years, he has seen many middle-aged strong women show their independent and capable side in the workplace, but it is the first time he has seen a woman who is young, beautiful and capable at the same time. Haoxi walked into the exhibition area of Aijia and carefully studied the types and textures of Aijia’s building materials. Aijia Building Materials and Hardware Department Store is the manufacturer he is currently negotiating a merger. This time, he sent his entourage to the scene to learn about the consumption trends of Taiwanese people, and planned to visit Aijia’s exhibition area. Ai Rulan noticed that several guests who had entered the exhibition area were all dispirited. Only one tall man was looking through the materials carefully. This man’s suit is elegant,temperature check kiosk, and his gestures show an aristocratic temperament. He must be a big buyer! Some of the company’s colleagues are responsible for hair catalogues, and some are introducing building materials to the guests, but no one has come forward to greet him. It seems that it is time for her to take matters into her own hands.

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