Wang yuan stretched out his hand to pick up the food and paused. Then he heard the secretary’s wife say, “I saw Lao Sang holding her niece when I was walking that day. That little girl is really handsome. She looks like Sangxiao. Her little nose is wrinkled. She is very cute. From time to time, she bursts out in English.”. Look at Lao Sang’s smiling face, alas. If you and Sang Xiao were still. Maybe now your children are going to primary school. Wang yuan suddenly felt that the room was suffocating, and his chest was dull and indescribably uncomfortable. A meal did not know the taste, the secretary and his wife also saw Wang yuan’s unnaturalness, very tacit understanding did not open his mouth again. At nine o’clock, Wang yuan got up and said he wanted to go back. The secretary’s wife did not keep him. She carried the packed food for him and said she would send him to the garage. Wang yuan frowned and did not object. He knew she must have something to say to him. When the elevator went down to the second floor, Wang yuan took the meal from her hand and said, “Mom, you can go up. I’ll come back next weekend.” The secretary’s wife hesitated for a moment, but said, “Ah yuan, Mom probably knows what you’ve been thinking all these years. But if you miss it, you miss it. Sangxiao has his own family. You..” “Mmm.” Wang yuan lowered his head and answered, unable to see the expression on his face. The secretary’s wife sighed. What else did she want to say? A dark blue Lexus drove up at the left corner. The headlights in front of them were very dazzling. However, when the car drove up to them, it stopped. It was Xu Xiangyang. He poked his head out of the driver’s seat and greeted them with a smile. In the co-driver’s seat, Sangxiao was clutching a pile of toys with Duolaimi in his arms. When he saw Wang yuan,brushless gear motor, their eyes flashed obviously, and soon they acted as if nothing had happened: “Hello, Aunt Wang!” He nodded his head at Wang yuan as a greeting. Daddy……” The chubby little girl suddenly reached out and looked at Wang yuan with a look of wanting him to hold her. Several people were startled, Xu Xiangyang took the lead in reacting and explained with a smile: “I’m sorry, Duolaimi just likes to call people everywhere.” “Dorami!” Sangxiao pretended to be angry and taught the little people in her arms a lesson, but the little girl rubbed into her arms and called her in a milky voice: “Mommy..” Sang-xiao had no choice but to pull her out. “Ok, stop,Vending Machine Motor, Let’s go home, It ‘S time to sleep!”. ” “No……” Undaunted, the little girl continued to act like a spoiled child, “I want grandma!” “Well, let her be.” Xu Xiangyang looked at the size of this pair and couldn’t help laughing. You are the one who is spoiled. Sang Xiao stared at him. Still with a smile on his face, Xu Xiangyang turned to Wang yuan and smiled apologetically: “It’s time for Duolaimi to go back to sleep. I’m sorry to go first. I’ll make an appointment to get together later.” Wang yuan nodded, watched Lexus drive out of his field of vision, his face suddenly darkened, his heart was like a mess, wrapped in layers of Coptis chinensis, suffering unspeakably. Xu Xiangyang on the bus saw Wang yuan still standing in place from the rearview mirror and couldn’t help asking the woman next to him: “Do you really need to make it clear to him?” “No!” Sang-xiao buried his head in the tug of the little man in his arms and affirmed without raising his head. Xu Xiangyang smiled helplessly and stepped on the accelerator and galloped away. I’m fine “Who let me embrace, who let my heart beat again, even if love let me fall again, the scar is also a kind of pride, Small Dc Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, who let me embrace, who let my crazy heartbeat, even if the whole city will fall tomorrow, also let me love to the last second; Who let me hug, who make my crazy heartbeat, even if the whole city will fall tomorrow, also let me love to the last second..” That night Wang yuan still did not return to the apartment, he received a phone call is already more than 10 o’clock, Guo Hui there is very noisy, he let Wang yuan with a big tongue, said Tang Lei is also in the past. Originally, Wang yuan was very irritable. Maybe it was good to drink with them. With a sudden turn of the steering wheel and a 180-degree turn, Wang yuan did not hesitate to drive towards the bar where they often gathered.
But he did not expect Xu Xiangyang also, and Tang Lei, Guo Hui sitting together, several people have piled up dozens of empty beer bottles and a bottle of 61 degrees Bacardi, Wang yuan frowned, and beckoned the princess for a bottle, without blending on their own poured a cup. Guo Hui drank a little too much and greeted him with a big tongue: “Ah yuan, you, you are here.” Wang yuan sat down and looked up. The cup in his hand was dry. He frowned and looked at Tang Lei. “What’s wrong with Guo Zi today?” “What else can I do?” Tang Lei smiled bitterly. “He’s going to get married, but the bride is not his love.” Hearing what he said, several people knew that even Xu Xiangyang, who had just returned to China, knew that Guo Hui was going to get married, but the bride was not Lin Meng, but the daughter of his boss in Shanghai. Maybe everyone, like Lin Meng, will never forgive him, but the three men here all know that Guo Hui’s heart is very bitter, in fact, this step is not entirely his fault. Is money so ***ing important? Guo Hui staggered to reach for the bottle. Xu Xiangyang took away the bottle before him: “Guo Zi, don’t drink any more.” “***!” Guo Hui punched the table, “What the *** can I do besides drinking?” “Let him drink!” Knowing that he felt uncomfortable, Tang Lei took the bottle in Xu Xiangyang’s hand and filled it for him: Guo Hui and Lin Meng’s family were not well off, and Lin Meng’s mother was a very secular person. She looked down on Guo Hui and was always cynical. Guo Hui and Lin Meng had been together for eight or nine years, and finally met the straw that crushed the camel. His mother was ill, brain cancer! Exhausted, he finally could not stand Lin Meng’s mother’s eyes and the burden of huge medical expenses, accepted the boss’s daughter’s kindness and agreed to get married. Wang yuan looked at this once high-spirited friend in front of him and felt his heart throbbing more and more. He poured himself a large cup full and went to Guo Hui’s side: “Guo Zi, my brother will accompany you. Cheers!” “Cheers!” Guo Hui raised the cup in his hand, “bang” a fierce touch together, the golden liquid inside the cup shook to spill a hand,small geared motors, but two people do not care, a head dry. Tang Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry at the two men in front of him. He turned to look at Xu Xiangyang and said, “Why did you suddenly return to China?” 。

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