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The road was deserted, and the people who were playing had gradually dispersed. Li Tian kept rubbing the two bulging breasts through his clothes. Although it felt very good, it could not satisfy the burning desire in his heart. On the other hand, the chest wound is still painful, and we have to find a place to take some medicine. Huairui, let’s go to the hotel. Li Tian whispered softly in Huai Rui’s ear. What do you want to do? Huai Rui was startled and asked warily. Li Tian smiled and said, “What dare I do? My chest was injured by an explosion. It hurts terribly. I have to rub some medicine on it.” Cohen, are you all right? Huai Rui worried tunnel, think of the previous Li Tian was blown unconscious in the past, now the wound has not been treated. It’s all right for the time being, but if you don’t find a place to take the medicine, it’s all right. Li Tian deliberately grimace tunnel, in fact, his injury is not much. At the moment when Fukang’s magic arrow exploded, the internal force in his body worked by itself and protected his chest. The first name of the nameless magic skill is Zhigang and Zhiqiang. After practicing, you can feel like King Kong. Although there is still a long way to go for Li Tian to finish the first practice, his body has already had a lot of ability to fight. But Huai Rui knew Li Tian’s situation. She frowned slightly and said, “Then let’s hurry to find the priest.” “There’s no need to go to the priest,gold cil machine,” said Li Tian. “I have my own medicine. Just find a place to put it on.” Huai Rui this no longer refused to find a hotel, see before the distance there is a hotel that looks good, but also take the initiative to jump off the back of small ash, asked in the past, there is a room, and quickly ran back. Looked at a skirt some dirty Huai Rui. Li Tian could not help sighing in his heart. Since ancient times, a princess has taken the initiative to open a room. I’m afraid I’m the only one. This is a nice room. Walk into the hotel. Li Tian could not help sighing. Although from the outside the hotel seems to be average. Let’s just say it’s good. But this room is spacious. The interior is also extremely luxurious. And it’s a suite. It’s like you can live at home. Huai Rui’s face was slightly red. Jiao Chen tunnel: “This is the best…” “Is it?”. Looks like I’m gonna spend the night here. It’s so cool. Li Tian teased. Nice try. Huai Rui immediately interrupted him,Carbon in Pulp, “We still have to go back early.”. Otherwise, everyone will be anxious. The two of them withdrew from the dinner. Leave without saying goodbye. If it’s too late to go back. People on both sides must be worried. After all, Huai Rui is a princess. And the position of Li Tian in the heart of Danas is very heavy and does not return at night. Must be in a hurry to find someone. But seeing the environment here, Li Tian really didn’t intend to go back. “That’s nothing,” he said. “Can’t you just find someone to send a letter later?” “Is it?” Huai Rui stared at Li Tian without blinking. Li Tian did not look at her heart, and the woman seemed to be up to no good in her eyes. Then Huai Rui asked, “Do you want to chase me?” “Ah-” Li Tian was stunned. ” Ah, what? Did you take advantage of it all the way? Huai Rui is suddenly come to the spirit, eyes tightly staring at Li Tian, “how embarrassed to get up later?” “Who said I was embarrassed?” Li Tian was so angry at her words that he grabbed her shoulder and kissed her mouth, and his tongue squeezed in between his lips and stirred desperately inside. Um. “Well..” Huai Rui struggled hard, and she never thought that Li Tian would be so rude that the second kiss was mercilessly taken away by him. After a long kiss, Li Tian loosened his mouth, portable gold wash plant ,mineral flotation, exhaled, and pressed Huai Rui’s full chest with both hands. You Huai Rui stepped back angrily and leaned against the wall. “You lady-killer.” “Ha ha ha, I am a lady-killer. What’s the matter? Are you afraid?” Li Tian grinned and said, “This girl seems to have a fragrance in her mouth, and it feels good.”. Pfizer reached out and touched his mouth fiercely and asked, “Don’t you have to rub the medicine?” “Ah..” Li Tian is stupefied, this just feels bosom a burst of pain, hurriedly way: “Want to wipe of course.” Then he went over to the bed and loosened the clothes on his chest. But Huai Rui is still leaning against the wall, her skirt, stained with a few water plants.
Li Tian looked up and said, “Come here!” Huai Rui stared, “what for?” “Rub the medicine for me.” Li Tian didn’t have a good spirit. How could this girl be so silly? I Huai Rui almost jumped up, but she was a princess of a country, listening to the tone of Li Tian like a girl. With a roll of her eyes, Huai Rui stamped over and took the small medicine bottle from Li Tian’s hand. Just sprinkle a little on it. Li Tianwei closed his eyes and prepared to enjoy it. To tell the truth, he is also very proud, a princess as a maid, this kind of treatment is not so easy to get. Huai Rui, holding a small bottle of medicine in her hand, lowered her head to see the wound on Li Tian’s chest, and gasped, only to see a piece of purple on it, about the size of two palms, with many small blood blisters on it. He could have avoided it then, couldn’t he? Huai Rui heart secret way, when the people besieged, Li Tian in order to protect her, and did not move the position, she is aware of, and therefore have a lot of good feelings for Li Tian. There was a dull pain in the wound, and there was no movement. Li Tian couldn’t help but open his eyes and saw her staring at his chest motionless. He said with a smile, “I haven’t seen enough..” When Huai Rui heard this, she raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ve seen enough.” A white finger poked out a sharp pain. Li Tian screamed and said angrily, “What are you doing? Murdering your husband.” “If you say it again, I’ll poke you!” Huai Rui stretched out a white finger and threatened. Then I’ll poke you later! Li Tian said angrily. He this puns, let Huai Rui have no language at a draught, on the face a blush, angry voice way: “shameless!” “Hey, you’re afraid.” Li laughed. Huai Rui did not speak, a red face,Carbon in Pulp, opened a small bottle of medicine, to Li Tian wound evenly sprinkled some, angry tunnel: “sprinkled finished.”. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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