At the moment when the dark clouds finally condensed into a thick mass, Jerya, suspended in midair, suddenly raised the dark cross sword in his hand high above his head and shouted: “Great Death, wake up!” The voice did not fall, a huge black lightning, like an unusually sharp blade, instantly across the gloomy sky, the thick black clouds cut a long gap. Then a howling roar suddenly sounded, a group of black smoke into a huge devil’s head, more than ten meters high, rushed out of the gap, bared his teeth and claws in the sky to show off, and then went straight down to Yi Tian, who was still standing on the platform. Wrath of death?! This woman has already mastered the skills of the Dark Master! Oh my God! How could Carl let such a man accompany his son! Is the snobbery of darkness to be revived on the continent of Atlantis? “Is power really so important that even light can be given up?” Old Sir Hughes said shakily with a look of sadness and fear. Dark atmosphere enveloped the whole square, all the people were completely shocked by the huge head of death, can not help but hold their breath,aluminium tile trim profiles, waiting for the next scene to happen. Only Yi Tian, with his hands clasped in front of his chest, still looked like a cheeky smile. He nodded with a smile and said, “You’re right!”! The competition has just begun! And it’s getting more and more fun! But unfortunately, I do not have so much time to play with you! So I have to send you back to where you should go! [Volume 1, Chapter 105 Amazing] “Clang!!!” A pleasant crisp sound suddenly echoed in the big martial arts field, a burst of cold light dazzling,stainless steel tile edging, instantly reflected the whole sky covered by dark clouds are shining up. Has been behind the back of Yi Tian, the sword body crystal clear blade “ice” like a white lightning across the sky, suddenly broke through the air, brought up a thick layer of milky white fog, instantly rolled up a cold wind, toward the martial arts field around the diffuse. Yi Tian, who was still smiling just now, also looked serious at the moment. With one hand, he tied a horizontal seal on his chest, and with the other hand, he turned into a unicorn finger and pointed straight to the sky. He silently recited in his mouth: “It’s cold and foggy. The magic soldier suddenly rises and turns into a flying dragon!” Then, with a flash of cold light in his eyes and a slight tremor in his fingertips, aluminum tile edge trim ,tile trim manufacturers, he shouted, “Strike!!!” The voice did not fall, the blade “ice” that broke out of the air seemed to feel the master’s call, and a touch of purple and gold lit up slightly on the blade, which seemed to be the response of the second God stationed in the sword to the call of Yi Tian. And after the flash of golden light, the “ice” blade, like an arrow from the bow, suddenly rose into the sky, turned into a straight white light mark, and rushed into the dense black clouds. Time seems to stop at that moment; breathing seems to stop at that moment. It was not until the sound of a dragon singing from nine days away that everything in the world seemed to be working again. With the reverberation of the dragon’s song, a bright white strange light, like a Chinese dragon breaking through the sea, rushed out of the layers of black clouds and mists, and rushed straight towards the huge devil’s head turned into black smoke. As the white dragon rushed out, the thick black clouds in the sky were torn open a huge gap in an instant, and a bunch of milky white light like a God coming to the world poured down from the gap, sprinkled in the gloomy atmosphere of the martial arts field, bringing a trace of vitality to all the onlookers. The audience, who was overwhelmed by the gloomy atmosphere, was suddenly baptized by the milky white light falling from the sky. Immediately, they felt as if a wisp of cool air had poured down from the top of their heads and turned into a torrent into the Dantian. All the feelings of depression and gloom suddenly disappeared, leaving only a faint coolness.
“Is he really a messenger sent by the gods?”? What on earth is that white light? Stunned old Sir Hughes gawked at the little white dragon, who was shaking his head and wagging his tail in the sky, and sighed to himself. For the old Sir Hughes, a man in the other world, the Chinese dragon, which was transformed from the precious blade “ice” into white light, was obviously beyond his cognitive and imaginative abilities. In front of this mythical beast that only belongs to the Chinese civilization, all he can do is to marvel. Although Yi Yun, with Chinese blood flowing in his body, was extremely surprised by the sudden change, he immediately recognized that the majestic and soaring mythical beast was the Chinese dragon he had seen in the atlas of the Infinite Spirit Heart Sutra. It’s just that the magic skill of the weapon dragon is so gorgeous that little Yi Yun can’t help shouting when he sees it: “The dragon strikes the sky!”! The dragon strikes the sky! Brother Tian has already broken through the third layer of the infinite realm and entered the period of spiritual silence! According to the records in the Infinite Spirit Heart Sutra, it is possible to awaken the soul of the mythical beast attached to the immortal soldiers only when they enter the high-level realm of cultivation, the “spiritual silence period”, so Xiao Yi Yun is so sure that Yi Tian has entered the so-called spiritual silence realm. However, in fact, Yi Tian’s use of this “dragon strike the sky” is not a summoning spell that has achieved the effect of attack by summoning the soul of the mythical beast originally attached to the immortal soldiers into a powerful spiritual power, but a white dragon illusion created by Yi Tian with his own powerful True Qi and the natural attributes of “ice”. However, this is not because Yi Tiandao is not enough, but because there is no Chinese dragon soul that can be summoned by Yi Tian in this other world,stainless steel edge trim, so Yi Tian has to rely on his powerful mental strength and the reserve of True Qi to create a real dragon’s Qi, which is attached to his precious blade “ice”, and sends out this earth-shaking supreme magic skill-the dragon strikes the sky!!.

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