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The Meng family was not entirely a businessman, and they knew more or less about people with similar backgrounds in the imperial capital, but only on the surface. Just thanks to Qian Mengmeng, Meng Yuran took special care of his family’s movements next week, so that he could answer immediately when Lin Miao asked. Ok, I know. “Knowing where the Zhou family is now, Lin Miao breathed a sigh of relief.”. The Qin family has been specializing in medicinal materials for decades, and has been the existence of Taishan Beidou in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. A layman in the Zhou family, even if he wants to do something, he will not be threatened for a while. Chapter 176 just take a look. The days passed peacefully, and the earlier dispute was quickly annihilated in how to eliminate the patient’s pain. Soon it was time for Qian Mengmeng to leave the hospital. Lin Miao specially asked for a half-day leave and planned to pick her up. I didn’t want to just walk out of the door and see a cool sports car stop in front of me. Getting on the bus, “the roof of the car slid back, and Si Yue took off his sunglasses and shook his head handsomely.” Where did it come from? With Lin Miao’s understanding, Siyue can’t buy this luxury car just because of his small business now. Don’t worry about it,Warehouse storage racks, come up. “Si Yue glanced around and winked at Lin Miao.”. Lin Miao looked down the past. Several colleagues who happened to be off work were looking over. Lin Miao smiled and sat in the copilot. Si Yue played a full plate beautifully, and the car turned half a circle in place. He put his foot on the accelerator and the car shot out. Slow down, “Lin Miao clutched the handrail and leaned back nervously.” It’s all right. You can rest assured of my driving skills. Lin Miao, hehe. With his cousin’s warning, she was really worried about his driving skills. Si Yue drove out of the hospital all the way. Confirming his colleague’s line of sight, Lin Miao suddenly patted him,Pallet rack supplier, “Slow down.” “If you slow down, you won’t be able to feel it.” Si Yue muttered discontentedly, and his feet were very honest. Lin Miao rolled his eyes. This kind of sports car is driven on the spacious asphalt road without cars, and it can only run out of the feeling with full horsepower. As far as the traffic in the imperial capital is concerned, especially during rush hours, three steps, one card, five steps and one meal are all fast. An hour and a half later, Si Yue finally drove the car into the hospital. The two men went straight to the ward. But he was told that Qian Mengmeng had gone back early in the morning. Si Yue was very disappointed and kept wondering why he had left. Lin Miao slanted him. In your car, except for the front row, Industrial pallet rack ,heavy duty warehouse rack, there is only the trunk in the back. You let the three of them sit on the shed? “Don’t I want to give you a long face?” Si Yue was scolded by Lin Miao all the way, and now he finally couldn’t help distinguishing. “No,” said Lin Miao. “Wear as big a hat as you have a head.” “This car is not yours. What face can you have?” “Give me two years, I will definitely buy you a car.” Si Yue is very unconvinced. ” No, I don’t want it. “Lin Miao doesn’t appreciate it.” I take the bus, and it’s easy to protect the environment. ” Lin Miao strode out. Si Yue curled his lips and followed. Hey, where are you going? “Go to Meng’s house.” Lin Miaotou went downstairs without looking back. ” At this moment, my stomach is growling. Why don’t we go after eating? “Si Yue touched the rebellious stomach and begged.” You also said it was late. Mengmeng needed more rest now. She went to bed when she was late. Si Yue trotted to keep up, “I came to you when I closed the shop, and I didn’t even drink water.” “At least be considerate and let me catch my breath.” “All right,” Lin Miao stood still. Si Yue grinned. He said that Lin Miao was not a cruel man. Then how to eat what? He leaned slightly, a few minutes closer to Lin Miao. Lin Miao squinted at him and turned to the small shop on the side. Within a minute, she came out with two bottles of water and a loaf of bread in her hand. Take it, “Lin Miao threw it casually.”. Si Yue reflexively stretched out his hand. When he got it, he reacted. Is it worth a loaf of bread if he sells half of it? It’s still the most common bread. At least buy one with jam. Why don’t you go? Lin Miao went to the front of the car and stood still. “Si Yue is really hungry now. He runs with bread in his arms and controls the car keys remotely.”. Sitting in the car, he tore open the package and ate it. Worried that he was choking, Lin Miao turned on the water and handed it over. Si Yue poured two mouthfuls and felt a little bottom in his stomach, so he started the car and went straight to Meng’s house. The Meng family was in a villa area slightly to the east, some distance from the hospital, and when they arrived, it was already completely dark. After delivering things and talking for a while, Lin Miao left. On the way back, Si Yue’s stomach growled.
Si Yue smiled awkwardly and turned on the radio. This is the financial news. The sound of the host’s regular reports filled the small space. Si Yue can finally relax a little. Lin Miao thought it was funny and couldn’t help laughing. Just as I was speaking, I listened to the host’s report that a foreign consortium had spent a lot of money to buy the land next to the Medical Research University for development. Lin Miao’s eyes were slightly solemn and he listened carefully. She couldn’t sit still when she was invited, including the small single-family building. Si Yue could not bear to see her like this. “Why don’t I accompany you to have a look?” He asked. Lin Miao suddenly turned to look at him. Qian Mengmeng always wanted her to be with Si Yue, and she must have told him about her and Luo Yan. And at the beginning, he also went there to look for her. It’s impossible not to know that she lives there with Luo Yan. But he was still willing to go with her. Just to take care of her mood. No, “just when Si Yue thought he was going to be baked by Lin Miao’s eyes, Lin Miao refused in a low voice.” Really not going? Si Yue tried to test. No, “Lin Miao shook his head.”. Make up your mind to start over early in the morning, and give up all the past. I’m hungry, let’s go to eat. “Lin Miao touched his stomach.”. Si Yue glanced outside and his eyes lit up. “I know a small restaurant near here that does brisket very well.” He looked expectant. “Shall I take you to taste it?” “Good,” Lin Miao smiled. All right, “Si Yue raised his eyebrows,Steel racking system, stepped on the accelerator, and went straight to the hotel.”. Lin Miao smiled at his side face. After dinner, Si Yue sent her back and watched her go upstairs.

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