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So after hearing Ye Tian’s words, the old man did not hesitate any more. He opened his mouth and said, “When they came out, they were really twelve, put in a wooden box, but a few boys in the village saw that they were their own zodiac signs, so they took them to play..” At this point, the old man paused, with a sly look in his eyes. Young man, if I can find all the jade for you again, what price can you offer? The old man also understood that his few pieces of jade were not worth five hundred thousand at all, and it was not easy to meet someone who was stupid and had a lot of money. Of course he won’t miss this opportunity. Ye Tian stretched out a slap and shook it in front of the old man, putting on a rich and powerful look. Said: “Or this price, uncle, as long as it is their favorite things, I do not care about money, as long as that can be matched with these into a set, you bring me to give you another five hundred thousand!” Are you telling the truth? Didn’t you lie to the old man? The old man’s eyes lit up. He could get the jade back from those little bastards for any reason. Wouldn’t the five hundred thousand yuan be earned in vain? Ye Tian thought about it and asked Ye Dongping for a business card. He took a pen and wrote down his mobile phone number on it. He handed it to the old man and said, “Uncle, you can call any phone on it. As long as it’s right, you won’t lose half a million yuan!” “Yes, young man, you just wait, five days at the latest.” No, I’ll call you in three days! The old man took the business card with trembling hands. With the 450,000 yuan he had embezzled this time, plus the 500,fine bubble diffuser,000 yuan promised by Ye Tian, he didn’t have to stay in the countryside any more. He could buy a house in the city and enjoy a happy life immediately. By the way, uncle, it’s all right for the two of us to know about it. Don’t. No matter how to say, and the old man’s private deal, is a bad Ji ran side of the rules, Dad will be in the antique shop in the future, Ye Tian also do not want to bring any trouble to Dad. Before Ye Tian had finished speaking, the old man understood and said repeatedly, “I know,rapid sand filters, the old man knows, young man, you can rest assured..” As soon as they finished talking, Ji Ran pushed the door and came in. “What’s the matter with me, Ye Tian?” He said with a smile. Ye Tian was not polite either. He said directly, “Brother Ji, I’ll brush 500,000 yuan here. If it’s convenient for you, I’ll give 500,000 yuan to this uncle.” “All right, it’s a small thing.” Ji ran nodded and said to the staff behind him: “Take the credit card machine, and let the finance department send another 500,000 yuan in cash..” Ji ran’s attitude makes Ye Tian very satisfied, this brother is really very good at being a man, but also very measured, will not be too attentive, but really let you fall behind. After transferring the money to Ji Ran, he used an ordinary backpack of 500,000 yuan and put it in front of the old man. Although he had lived for more than fifty years, wall penstocks ,lamella tube, how could the old man have seen so much money? The hands that unzipped were trembling. Uncle, you have to keep the money. You’d better go out and deposit it in the bank first! Looking at the old man’s excited appearance, Ye Tian did not know whether what he did was right or wrong, perhaps it was the behavior of these people that led to the destruction of more ancient tombs in the hands of these peasants? After hearing Ye Tian’s words, Ji ran said with a smile, “Ye Tian, don’t worry. We have a special car to escort everyone. Safety is absolutely not a problem.” “Cheng, brother Ji, thank you today!” Ye Tian nodded and asked casually, “By the way, brother Ji, how old are you this year?” “Oh, it will be thirty after the New Year. Brother Ye, what’s wrong?” Although Ji Gongzi felt a little strange about Ye Tian’s question, he answered it honestly. Seeing that the old man had been taken out by the staff, Ye Tian lowered his voice and said, “Brother Ji, if you believe me, you can finish here as soon as possible, otherwise you will be in prison within two years!” Although Ji Ran himself did not do those things of digging graves, he provided such a place for those people, which indirectly touched the cause and effect. Ye Tianguan’s Tiancang basement is black. He must be a guest in prison. His hair is blue and black outside the eyes, and there is red silk in his eyes. If he continues to work, he must go to prison at the age of 32.
Although Ji ran is now doing well, that is because the country is not serious, if the relevant departments are more serious, with the background of Ji ran’s family, he simply can not be saved. Ye Tian does not like to owe people complex cause and effect, today in Ji Ran here to get a magic weapon, pointing him to avoid this disaster, but also to return his favor. What After hearing Ye Tian’s words, Ji ran’s complexion changed greatly. To tell the truth, doing this job does have the feeling of walking a tightrope, but this business is very profitable, and he has been reluctant to give up. Ha ha, I say so, how to do, brother Ji you feel free. Ye Tian ha ha a smile, he owes Ji Ran’s favor, also only worth such a sentence, but this word is worth a thousand pieces of gold, if the other side is a wise man, will naturally wash his hands of the golden basin, if Ji Ran is too greedy, that big Luo immortal also can’t save him. Thank you, I will seriously consider this matter. Ji ran nodded, after all, there is already an interest group around him, even if he wants to stop now, it will take some time. After explaining Ji Ran, Ye Tian did not go out to see the auction below. After resting in the room for more than half an hour, he and Ye Dongping watched the somewhat shabby Santana leave the yard. Of course, those purchases have already been placed in Ye Dongping’s car. Antiques are not priced by volume. The things bought by 500,000 yuan have not yet filled a trunk. Brother, Ye Tian, are you back? As early as coming out of Ji Ran’s yard, Ye Dongping called Liu Weian to close the door and go home. As soon as he entered the courtyard, Liu Weian came up and took the sack from Ye Dongping’s hand. These unearthed things, itself by the soil and groundwater erosion is more severe, after buying must undergo special treatment,fine bubble diffuser, Ye Dongping took Ye Tian directly to the warehouse. Ye Dongping has made a lot of these things in the past two years, and he is also familiar with them. In the end, only Ye Tian’s bronze lamp and a few pieces of jade are left.

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